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Rutreat is a subscription service that delivers you a box of Russian snacks and sweets.

Russia is a country inheriting over a thousand years of history. No surprise that in the course of these years people inhabited Russian lands developed many original recipes for all kind of foods, deserts and snacks. Rutreat box will include original Russian snacks as well as some localized versions of global products from many worldwide recognized brands. And some surprises for you to enjoy. It is a good way to explore something new, something that you can’t get in your local store, something that you might never get otherways and that you didn’t ever knew existed. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself.

For many years of modern history Russia has been somewhat rather closed society which lead for many myths and stamps associated with the country. The truth is that Russia is unique in many ways and have a lot to offer. Box by box you will uncover sweet and delicious part of Russia and a bit of history.

You will receive number of various snacks, candies, soda, desserts available on Russian market. That will include some original Russian snacks as well as some worldwide recognizable global brand products made locally in Russia. Often localized products have some flavours or variations available only at specific market and it’s true for Russian market as well.

We can’t specify exact number or list of the goods in the box every month because often interesting products entering market unexpectedly and some of them are limited editions or available for short period of time. So, if such opportunity occurs we will do our best to bring those products to our subscribers on first place. That requires fast acting on our end and obviously we can’t predict that.

Box content compiled in 1-2 weeks period and depends on the current availability of products on the market. As soon as we will form and send your box, you will receive an edition of Rutrezine – digital magazine accompanying every box. There you will find explanation of every product in your box and some interesting fact and stories about Russia and it’s history. What we can guarantee is that your box will be full of interesting, tasty, unusual and delicious snacks as close as possible to 1 kg of netto weight. And we will not repeat same goods in month to month boxes unless our customers will vote for specific product to be included in the future box again.

We are subscription based service, so we do not provide single box purchases but there is a workaround. There is always a workaround, right?

Subscribe for monthly plan and after being charged, pause your subscription in your Dashboard. This way you’ll be charged only once and you will get only one box. You will not be charged again until you enable your subscription again or subscribe for another plan. It is simple way to try Rutreat and see if it’s worthy. We know it is and you will know but it is wise to try.

Of course!

If you’re a blogger, vlogger, journalist and would like to make a review of the Rutreat box, please send us an email at Please include the name of your resource, it’s monthly statistics and other information that could help represent your resource. Please make sure that your website, blog or channel is established and you are able to verify that you are the owner or representative.


Cancelling is easy. Go to your Dashboard find your active subscription you want to cancel and pause it. But please read below how subscription and it’s cancellation works.

By pausing subscription, you cancel it’s next renewal period. You do not cancel any remaining boxes from already paid subscription period. For example if you paid for 6 months plan, you paid for 6 boxes and will be charged again after 6 months for another 6 boxes and again after 6 months and again and again. By pausing your subscription you will be sent remaining boxes of your current subscription period but your renewal payment is cancelled and you won’t be charged for the next period.

That works the same for all subscription plans. You can enable you subscription at any time again or subscribe for any other plan you like.

We accept payments by PayPal. You can pay using your PayPal account or by credit/debit card. Payment is secure and protected.

Right after you place an order for your subscription. Recurring payments will be charged right after your current subscription period ends.

There are number of various reasons for payment to be declined.

  • Errors made when entering card details often the reason for declined payment.
  • Another reason might be insufficient funds on your banking account. Check your account for available amount.
  • Expired card another reason for declined payment, please check your card if it’s still valid.
  • Some cards are not meant to be used for online payments. Please contact the bank issued your card to check if it’s your case.

But anyway, if you having problem paying for your subscription and can’t figure out the source of the problem on your own, please send us an email to and be as specific as you can. We will try to help and check if the problem lies on our end. In most urgent cases, please call us at +7 926 263-09-03.


The longer period of your subscription the bigger your savings on a long run. By subscribing for 6 months you pay us more but in return you save 5% on every box from monthly subscription price. We get more from your and you get more from us. That’s fair, isn’t it?

Yes. Your personal information provided during payment is private, confidential and can’t be disclosed. The part of your billing and shipping data stored on our website is encrypted and necessary to provide our service for you. Please read our privacy policy to better understand what data we collect and how we use it.


There is no additional shipping charge.

Here we should write that shipping is free worldwide. Or better yet that we cover shipping cost ourselves. That immediately should increase your loyalty to us. But we prefer being honest.

Nobody ships for free because nobody will fly a plane or run a train for nothing to deliver your goods. Whenever you see free shipping, that means shipping cost already included in the price. That’s what we do. We don’t want you to bother with all different calculations, so shipping cost is included in your subscription price, no additional shipping charge.

We ship anywhere on the planet Earth as soon as the place have postal address. Shortly – worldwide.

To update your shipping address, simply log into your account and update your information by clicking edit on the shipping information tab.
However, take a note that by this method your shipping address will be changed only for future reccuring subscriptions. For example if you subscribed for 6 months and change shipping address after 3 months into subscription period by this method, change will take effect for next reccuring subscription which is coming in 3 months.

If you made a mistake and need to change the shipping address right away for your remaining boxes in current subscription period, please send us an email at before the box is shipped. We will change it manually for you.

No. For a number of reasons.

Ability to track package is a separate service which cost money from postal companies. If you want to track, you have to pay. That would increase subscription cost which we try to keep as low as possible, for Rutreat being obtainable for broader audience.

Another reason is technological. Currently there is no technical solution to automatically assign tracking numbers from Russian Post to the corresponding Rutreat orders. We would have to do it manually which is with the volume of orders we receive, very time consuming and would require additional labor. Additional labor leads to cost increase which we trying to avoid. As with everything manual, there is a big chance to generate eroors.

And after all, do you really want to know when your box is being delivered instead of being surprised one day?

We ship all the boxes on the first week of every month. Shipping batch will contain all the boxes for subscriptions active on previous month. For example, Anastasia paid her subscription on 1st of January, her subscription become active in January and her first box will be sent on first week of February. Nikolay paid his subscription on 31st of January, his subscription also become active in January and is first box will be sent on first week of February as well.

Average delivery takes around 2-3 weeks. However, there are always might be some fluctuations, sometimes it might take 4 and 5 weeks. Delivery during holiday seasons might take longer than usual as postal services heavily overloaded. The heaviest period in the world is the Christmas/New Year celebrations. During this period delivery time might be doubled.

If your box is still not arrived after 6 weeks, please write us an email at Please include your subscription/order ID. You can find it in your Dashboard.

In the rare and unlucky case your box might have a damaged item. If this happened, please send us an email at and include picture of the damaged item/s. There is no need to make a picture of the missing item 😉 We will either send a replacement, apply a credit to your account or issue a reimbursement payment. In any case we will communicate and find a solution that will satisfy both sides.

Please, report an item as fast as you can, otherwise we might not be able to find a replacement as it might become out of stock. This is especially true for limited edition items.

Oh, dear…

Well, if the mistake is made on our side, everything is simple. We will ship you new box or prolong your subscription for the number of boxes missed because of this mistake.

If mistake is made by the subscriber there is nothing we can do except send a replacement box but for the full price of the box in your subscription plan.

No. We do not accept full boxes or separate items back. You can write us if there are missed, broken or spoiled items. If it’s the case, please mail us at, describe the problem and include photos if applicable.


Please, send us your question at and we will get back to you as fast as we can.